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The Your Energetic Business program is a combination of unique understandings and proven processes that can assist you to expand your business performance easily and effortlessly.

Please note that these programs are ‘not for everybody’, they are aimed at the ‘aware’ business owner who knows and understand that that there is ‘more’.


Who is Sheila Kennedy?

Sheila Kennedy is a long term Spiritual and Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher. In the early 2000’s Sheila was introduced  to a ‘self healing ‘process called Vibrational Kinesiology that changed her whole life.  Going on to study this modality and later to utilize it as the ‘foundation’ for the work that she would go on to create through a series of individual programs including:


The Your Energetic Business program FAQ’s from Sheila’s perspective.

The Your Energetic Business programs are a combination of unique understandings and proven processes that can assist you to expand your own and your businesses performance easily and effortlessly, The foundation of my work is in vibrational sound therapies so I will address those questions after we look at ‘the important stuff’.


So, lets look at some FAQ’s or Frequently Asked Questions:


Question I

The Your Energetic Business programs are different to your previous work.


Answer I

Yes they are; much of my earlier work has been based on vibrational sound programs created with a specific set of Tingsha bells.  In the Your Energetic Business programs I have combined and ‘layered’ these unique tibetan bell sounds with specific vibrational frequencies and a music overlay to create I believe a much more powerful series of sound programs.


Question II

Ok; So how does what you offer work?


Answer II

Firstly we need to step away from in many instances what we have been taught or learned about the physical human body and explore some facts about it a little differently. We may well be going over old ground for some people so please bear with us while we create the ‘foundation’.

The body as a harmonics of frequency – The idea that the body holds codes to its own existence has been with us for centuries. Nostradamus, Kepler, da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Tesla, Einstein and Asimov have all sought to commemorate the esoteric codes of life. I use a quote from Sharry Edwards below.

Sharry Edwards™ is the pioneer in the study of Human BioAcoustic Biology whose work spans more than 30 years is well known in Energy and Frequency Medicine.  Sharry commented some years ago that ‘Each person vibrates at their own, unique harmonics of frequency.  When the complex frequencies of the body become unbalanced, the body manifests this imbalance as dis-stress or dis-ease at the structural and biochemical levels’.

(Sharry Edwards has an innate talent that allows all of us to benefit from her work and her ability to translate a person’s vocal codes into usable information that can be used to promote and extend the existence of human life.)

So, let’s break ‘The body as a harmonics of frequency’ down into some individual questions and answers. We will start with the most common ones.

What is Vibrational Sound Therapy, where does Vibrational Sound Therapy / Healing come from, is it new and how and why does Vibrational Sound therapy work and most importantly, how can it help my business?

Answer I am going to break this common ‘multi question’ down into a number of individual components.


Question 1

What is Vibrational Sound Therapy, and is it new?


Answer 1

Firstly we need to look at history for some answers;

Vibrational sound therapy or Vibrational Healing as it is sometimes called is based on knowledge as old as time: The body has an energetic matrix around which the human form develops e.g. as dividing/ multiplying cells. This knowledge was known to the Egyptians, Chinese, Hindu’s, Buddhists, as well as the shamanic healers of Africa, Asia and South America. It was recorded in all of the major sacred texts, including the Old and New Testaments, and underlies or is the ‘backbone of the ancient practices of acupuncture, Tai Chi and Yoga.

Well known names in the field of identifying vibrational and electrical fields stem back to Harold Saxton Burr in 1935 who proposed that all living organisms have electrical fields which govern their growth, a matrix or mould which governs their shape.

Semyon and Valentiana Kirlian in the 1940’s who refined a technique from 1898 for photographing an organism’s energy field. Currently known as Kirlian Photography.

Rupert Sheldrake a Cambridge biochemist and author formulated an extended theory of morphogenetic fields based on Burr’s findings.


Richard Gerber M.D. the author of Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves which is considered the definitive text on vibrational healing. In this text he describes what he terms “The Human Multidimensional Energy System.” An egg shaped energy field (or body) often described as the Auric fields which surrounds the physical body. There are number of layers which make up this energy body.


Cameron Dawson 1932 to 2004  (The Dawson Program) who was  my teacher and mentor spent more than thirty years converting his theoretical knowledge into a practical program to identify and correct imbalances  in the body quickly and painlessly without the need for drugs or surgery.


I went on to use Cameron Dawson’s teachings following his passing in 2004 as a foundation for my own extensive research and work with vibrational sound.

Beginning in 2005 with the Healing Sounds and later The Sounds from Source Programs, which are based on a combination of my  training in Vibrational healing  and other fields in combination with my colleague Susan Ormsby’s  Bachelor of Science and Applied Para Psychology diploma  and our own extensive research into how the vibrational sounds effect the body and its systems.


In 2013 I began to investigate another path of sound and frequency and this led me to creating a different level of work under the heading of Vibrational Sound, and following a somewhat ‘parallel path by focusing on using ‘sound therapies’ in a different way.


Vibrational Sound Therapy addresses more than the imbalances in the emotional, structural, physical, and chemical / nutritional interrelated processes of the body.  It looks at the genetic patterning of our ancestors as well as the levels of anxieties relating to issues of rejection, the vanishing twin syndrome, and the spiritual levels of cellular memory relating to past events and incarnations.

The individual programs address many areas of the being from the distortion of the energetic matrix leading to a twist in the body, to levels of anxiety and depression.

Both the Sounds from Source and Vibrational Sound programs are developed to recognize and work with the cause of the situation, rather than the symptoms.


Question 2

Where does Vibrational Sound Therapy / Healing come from


Answer 2

As a long time psychic and medium Sheila has had the ability to communicate with other realms and dimensions for a very long time. Following the passing of Cameron Dawson in 2004 Sheila began to create her own ‘vibrational sound programs, it was shortly after this that a body of consciousness or collective intelligence which is aeons old connected with her and she has received information, knowledge and the spiritually based metaphysical tools from them that she has offered to the world at large since the latter part of 2004.


Sheila describes this process as the information being ‘gifted or downloaded to her’.

This information is then recorded using specific Tibetan bells so that the vibration of the sound and the intention of thought and word is carried deep within the cells when the programs are played.


The Sounds from Source website describes this information as ‘The Sounds’ are a unique and synergistic blend of channeled information, the sound and vibration of Tingshaw bells and, the power of intent. The sounds facilitate the release of cellular memory (memories held within every cell of the body]) and assist in facilitating the body’s own innate healing intelligence to restore the body to health and harmony.


Question 3

Why does Vibrational Sound therapy work?


Answer 3

More and more information about sound and vibrational frequencies is being identified all the time. We know that sound and especially vibrational sound is one of the oldest healing modalities known to humans. Sound forms our earliest experiences of our external environment whilst in the womb and our earliest experiences of love and fear. The vibration of sound from the voice of our mother or father, and the vibration of thought and intention   e.g. the fear of Mum thinking about lighting a cigarette, she doesn’t have to actually smoke it to create the vibration of fear in the developing fetus.


The comment below again from Sharrie Edwards explains it well.

In fact, sound or frequency, form the basis of our world.  And frequency, as vibrational medicine, is at the heart of the world of wellness.


Sheila says – My realizations in 2004 that ‘every cell in your body holds memory’, led me to experimenting further with the effects of sounds and words.  I knew from Cameron Dawson’s work the incredible results for myself as well as others and I was excited to see what else could be achieved by communicating with the individual cells.


This led me to creating the very first ‘Anxiety’ program in 2004 which was the forerunner for many more levels of different types of anxieties ’ programs and the creation many years later of the ‘7 Steps to Freedom program’  which is a free anxiety giveaway and which was followed by the Depression Need Not Be a Life Sentence program at which is a free depression giveaway.


More amazing results followed as I worked on myself first, in areas such as allergies and genetic memory and was able to release long held belief patterns and more. I based my sound creations on the knowledge that ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’ and will fill an ‘empty space’ with whatever is currently available’. So, in removing a negative or unwanted memory from a cell I needed to replace it with a new and positive ‘memory’ or instruction.


Question 4

What will I feel when I listen to the sounds?


Answer 4

The answer to this question is open ended some people report feeling tingles or sensations in their bodies both while the sounds are playing and often hours later, other people have reported a sense of calmness or peace, and some very aware people have expressed a feeling of the sounds working with specific areas of their bodies. Many very sensitive souls have commented that ‘they felt the sounds’ working on them once they had booked an appointment. I see this as the body’s recognition of something that it ‘already knows and identifies with’.



Question 5

Can the sounds be harmful?


Answer 5

The easy answer to this is that No they cannot; your body has an innate intelligence which allows it to take what it needs from the sounds and to allow you to utilize that for your own personal healing. Some self healing will happen instantly, other areas or depths of issues will occur over a period of time.  The sounds are given and created with love and the highest of intention.


Question 6

Why are some sounds for example the sounds you use in the Business program 1 and the Business Communication program not available for me to play at home?


Answer 6

On the Sounds from Source .com website at www,  of which I am the founder and joint CEO, the individual sounds (more than 1000) are categorized into different areas of accessibility.  These include different practitioner availability, practitioner recommendation for clients and ‘public’ sounds. The Public sounds are available for sale through the Sounds from Source store and membership programs.

The individual sounds and their intention vary from the very simple to the deepest of issues and we believe as Holistic Practitioners that we have a ‘duty of care’ to our clients. Some of the deeper sounds are recommended to be played in conjunction with one another, and we believe it is of assistance to the client to be able to share the thoughts and issues which may surface from them at these times with a trained practitioner.

With the Your Energetic Business programs I have broken the individual vibrational sound programs into different levels.

On the website I offer individual packages covering areas such as ‘do it yourself ‘ programs which include The Business Circle of Truth and The Writing Positive Business Intention Statements programs, The Speakers Program and the Real Estate and Property program. *** these unique programs include at home downloadable vibrational sound programs combined with specific energetic frequencies and music.

Personal consultation programs with Sheila Kennedy include The Business program levels 1 and 2, the Business Communication and Understanding program and the Pre Employment Screening program.

***The Vibrational Frequency programs supplied as a part of these unique program are exclusive to the Your Energetic Business program. The vibrational  sounds used are recorded intentioned sounds, that work with the ancient healing systems of the body and which are recognized by the cells of the body, they contain specific commands to assist your body and your business performance and have a ‘music’ overlay, they do not contain any subliminal instructions. They combine working with cell memory and vibrational frequencies with skill, attitude and perseverance


Question 7

How often do I need to listen to or use a sound program?


Answer 7

Depending on the specific sounds that you using or are listening to: The Your Energetic Business sounds come under different categories with some being for daily use, some for weekly use and others to be played in specific instances such as dealing with banks and financial institutions which may not be required on a daily basis.


Question 8

How long have you been working with sound?


Answer 8

Although she trained as a Vibrational Kinesiologist in Melbourne with the late Cameron Dawson (The Dawson Program) from 2003, Sheila had previously used many different ancient instruments in her work over many years. Her work specifically with the Tibetan Bells which have created many vibrational sound programs was originally known as The Healing Sounds and later renamed as Sounds from Source spans from 2004 to the current time, and additional aspects were added in 2013 by combining frequencies with vibrational sounds.


Question 9

Has Sheila trained other practitioners?


 Answer 9

Yes she has and over a period of many years.  The Sounds from Source Practitioner page lists qualified Sounds from Source Practitioners, and sessions are available with most practitioners in person or over the telephone or internet. It should also be noted here – that not all of the people who have trained with Sounds from Source are on the list. Some were not contactable when compiling the list for the new Sounds from Source website  please send  an email to  if you are a practitioner and wish to be included on the listing.

For people wishing to check that their practitioner is in fact, a registered, trained Sounds from Source practitioner and what level of training they have received please send an email to

Additional practitioner training programs will be offered under, The Athletes Sports Bag, and Absolute Health and


Question 10

You mention the words ‘gifted and channeled’, when asked where the ‘sounds’ come from, can you please explain this.


Answer 10

Sheila has long been a ‘sensitive’ who is able to receive frequencies’ that other people may not hear. This is usually described as ‘channeling’ although Sheila’s personal explanation would be that she ‘downloads’ the information. The ‘gift’ of the information which has  ‘translated’ into the original  Sounds from Source programs and more  is not one which is taken lightly, both Susan and Sheila hold an enormous level of respect gratitude and awe for their own individual journeys of the ‘guardianship’ of this ancient and sacred knowledge.

In April 2008 the information was given that the sounds ‘hold the frequency of all life forms’.

More recently in mid 2011 as Susan and Sheila worked together the following information was given:

The absolute purity of the sounds cannot be contaminated nor interfered with – they truly are the frequency of all life forms.

In being in a pure state are not and cannot be bent manipulated, controlled, used for subversive action or fractured out of their original context’.


We were also told to look at how sound travels, not in waves as I had described previously. It penetrates and disperses (a wide ranging frequency) and it reverberates’.

Additional information has continued to be downloaded to Sheila since.


Question 11

Can you please explain the difference in Sheila’s work with Sounds from Source and the other programs that she creates?


Answer 11

In simple terms Sheila has an ‘inquiring mind’! The Sounds from Source program’s as we know them have been Sheila’s focus since 2004 and her commitment to them is absolute. They have often taken her onto journeys of discovery far beyond anything we could have dreamed possible.


In 2008 Sheila created the Absolute Health and Wellness programs with her then and since deceased ex husband, and these had a different focus.

Following Sheila’s passion for working with ‘ASD’ The Autism Spectrum Disorder, and with a belief ‘that if you can help a child, then you do not have an adult with a problem’ Sheila has spent many years creating specific programs based around these areas and what she terms ‘Wellness Integration’.

The original and often revamped ‘Absolute Autism’ programs have continued to grow over the years and are currently being reborn into a totally different and expanded format.

The Best Workout for You .com   and the  Athletes Sports Bag membership program are  a specialised  series of sports programs created jointly between Sheila and Tina (Ciavarella) West.


Question 12

So why do you say that the Your Energetic Business program is for you if;


You are willing to think outside the box

You are open to new and innovative ideas

You know that you can do more and achieve more

You have a burn or a desire to succeed

As we said at the beginning * Please note that these programs are ‘not for everybody’, they are aimed at the ‘aware’ business owner who knows that there is ‘more’.


 Answer 12

Simply, it works without hype or fanfare and consists of a series of programs

  • Energetic ‘Tools to assist your business.
  • A unique program for professionals in the ‘Speaking industry’.
  • Unique Energetic ‘Tools’ for those in the land and property markets
  • An individual in person or distance consultation ‘tailor made to you’ and your business, with an optional 2nd program for those who want more.
  • A unique Communication program to adjust and recalibrate your businesses performance and to allow you to monitor those increases in performance over a 12 month period via a Kinesiological based chart of before and after measurements and ongoing improvements. 
  • Pre Employment testing; Is the person you are thinking of hiring the correct person for you and your business?


The Your Energetic Business programs are designed to assist you to fine tune and adjust your own business performance in a unique way that has never been shared publicly before having been a private program that Sheila shared with ‘aware’ business owners over the years

Using innovative new ideas to assist business owners to ‘fine tune’ their own and their businesses performance by releasing physical and mental blocks and muscle memory programs from the body as well as clearing energetic ‘holds and restrictions’ on their businesses.

Using an extensive knowledge of the body and mind connection and an understanding of energetic business principals in a simple and non invasive format it is possible to improve and adapt both personal and business performance.


Question 13

From where I can download the programs once I make purchase?


Answer 13

You can download purchased programs from download section of your account on our website YEB (Your Energetic Business) and from download links which will sent to your E-mail address.


Question 14

I donot get any email of purchased product / reset password ?


Answer 14

Please check your spam/junk folder and promotion folder of your Email account.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]