Business and Pre Employment Program


Business and pre-employment includes

YEB The Body Balance Book .pdf
The Business Communication and Understanding Program.pdf

the plus edition additionally includes:

YEB Corporate Communication Solutions.pdf

the combo edition additionally includes: 



Business and pre-employment includes 2 x  PDF’s of The Business Communication and Understanding Program an indepth look at how communication works in business and how effective communication can have an enorous impact on how your business operates, and Is Your  Body Balanced giving you a deeper understanding of how the body works from an energetic perspective and that there are some people who may not be suitable to work in your business and why.

the plus edition additionally includes:   2 x PDF’s including Corporate Communication Solutions, and Business and Pre Employment PDF

the combo edition additionally includes: A Kinesiological Employee,  correction to bring the body into alignment (Phone, Skype or Absent Kinesiological report if applicable) and includes follow up vibrational sounds for at home use. A Kinesiological correction brings the body back into balance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more. An at home program of vibrational sounds including a Weekly Correction, a Monthly Energetic Detox and more keep the body aligned for optimal health and wellbeing.

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